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International Journal of Applied Life Sciences and Engineering (IJALSE)

       International Journal of Applied Life Sciences and Engineering (IJALSE) is the official publication of the PROM Society. It is a multidisciplinary peer reviewed journal dedicated to increase the depth of the subject across the disciplines with the ultimate aim of widening the knowledge and explore application potential in relevant fields. The journal welcomes the manuscripts which meet the criteria of scientific excellence and will publish the following:

  1. Original research papers (Full papers as well as short communications) in the fields of basic and applied research in Life Sciences and Engineering. This would cover the areas of
    1. Soil and Plant Nutrition
    2. Botany, Zoology, Agronomy, Soil Science, Agri-Horticulture etc.
    3. Mineral Process Engineering related to PROM making
    4. Microbiology, Nano-technology and Converging Technologies.
    5. Biotechnology, Bioprocess engineering and Fermentation technology.
  2. Critical reviews
  3. Case studies, Surveys
  4. Opinions, Commentaries, Essays
  5. Dissent: These will be views of senior scientists from all branches of science who disagree/ think differently with the main stream research. These would be invited articles. Dissenting views must have potential to open up new paths of research.
  6. Journey through science: This would include essentially the experiences of senior scientists related to their career in science. Scientists may be from any area of specialization. These would be mainly invited articles but unsolicited contributions may be considered. These would not be peer reviewed but editorial reviewed.
  7. Open Reviews: The critical comments on the material published in the previous volumes.
       The IJALSE intends to publish review articles not exceeding 6000 words and research articles not exceeding 4000 words. However, short technical notes on experimental work or mini reviews not exceeding 1000 words are also welcome.
       Opinion articles and commentaries on any topic of scientific interest are invited by the editors. Unsolicited commentaries or opinion articles generally will not be entertained.

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