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(Registration No. S/ 47202, 2003, Govt. of NCT, Delhi)

            Phosphate Rich Organic Manure ( PROM) is a value added product produced by co-composting high grade rock phosphate in fine size with organic matter collected from various sources such as FYM, straw of paddy or wheat, pressmud,  karanz cake or waste from fruit industries and distillery etc. Phosphate solublizing bacteria and nitrogen fixing bacteria are added to improve the efficiency. The PROM technology which was developed as a cheaper alternative of industrial phosphatic fertilizer namely, single super phosphate (SSP) and Diammonium phosphate (DAP), has transformed into a movement of an idea of promoting low cost eco-friendly technology in agriculture.
            The PROM Society was, subsequently formed by a group of more than 127 scientists from disciplines of Botany, Agriculture, Microbiology and Engineering. who are continuously involved in the development of PROM technology. So far 26 industries have joined as institutional members and have 19 distinguished fellow (Honorary) members. The Society welcome those interested in the development & popularization of PROM technology to join as members/institutional members.

Executive Council                          

Honorary President

Dr. S. K Das, Chairman and Managing Director FAGMIL, Jodhpur


Prof. AK Purohit, Jodhpur

Vice Presidents

Dr. G. S. Chouhan,
Shri Shankar Lal,  Secunderabad (A.P.)
Shri D. S. Bhandari

General Secretary

Dr. M.R. Masih, Jaipur


Er. M.K. Katewa, Udaipur


Er. R.C. Kumawat, Jhamarkotra
Dr. S. Kundu, Mumbai
Sh. A.K.Jaiswal, Jodhpur
Sh. S. K. Shalwa, Udaipur
Dr. Mohan Singh, Kanpur

Executive Members

Dr. N.K. Sharma, Udaipur
Dr. D.K. Rana, Jaipur
Dr. S. Mukhopadhyaya,
Dr. Dilip Singh
Dr. Uma Shankar
Sh. L.N. Kachhawa
Dr. G.S. Ameta, Banswara
Dr. Rajanandan, Bangalore

Ex- Officio Members

Prof. M.S. Shaktawat
Prof. N. C. Aery
Dr. D.D. Sharma
Dr. U.V.S. Rana
Prof. B.N. Swami

Honorary Members of the Society

  Dr. T.S.R. Prasad Rao
  Dr. T.C. Rao
  Dr. R.K. Saha
  Dr. P.L. Sanjeeva Reddy
  Sh. R.K. Sharma
  Dr. S.S. Khanna
  Dr. R. Choudhary
  Prof.B.L. Chaudhary
  PV Dr. M.M. Sharma
  Prof. N.C. Aery
  Er. Kotagiri Murali
  Dr. Guosheng Gai
  Mr. John Fair
  Dr. UVS Rana
  Prof. M. S. Shaktawat
  Dr. A. S. Faroda
  Sh. K. S. Money
  Dr. M. S. Swaminathan
  Dr. Darinka Yakinova Bojinova

    The membership of the society is open to all the individuals and institutions interested in the development and popularization of PROM Technology
Life Membership- Rs. 500/-
Institutional membership- Rs.10, 000/
For membership kindly contact Secretary PROM Society, RSMML, Jhamarkotra Mines, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.

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